In my kitchen, my first consideration is to use only locally grown, seasonal produce.  Many of my ideas for creating dishes come while strolling among the vegetables and aromatic herbs just outside my kitchen window.  Reading old manuscripts of recipes and cooking techniques provides additional inspiration.

 As I plan the daily menu, I make sure to include a most important ingredient, extra virgin olive oil produced from our own olive trees.  Each day I take time to prepare bread and fresh pasta by hand, as well as the cakes and baked goods served at the breakfast table.

Traditional flavors have their roots in the ingredients of recipes passed down from mother to daughter.  In this way, I strive to share the heritage of Tuscan cooking.


Simonetta Demarchi was born January 28, 1965 in the village of Oleggio (Piedmont Region) in northern Italy.  After completing her high school studies in Novara, she attended the University Of Turin, Faculty of Economics and Commerce.  This prepared her for a long and successful career in hotel management and administration. 


In 1995 she purchased a piece of property known as Casa Bellavista.  Utilizing her extensive experience, she restored the house with careful attention to the design of her kitchen and gardens and in 2001 Casa Bellavista B & B was born.  Within a few years it earned international reviews and was recognized among the best in the area for its charming ambiance, service and food.  Its international reputation culminated when Simonneta was featured by Channel 5 (UK) as the guest chef in their TV series A Celeberity Taste Of Italy.


In 2011 she wrote her first cookbook, “Le Ricette di Casa Bellavista”, which was well received.  The success of this book led her to develop her second project, “Eat With Simonetta”.