Caterina De Medici Salad

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Today I went, as I do every Monday morning, to the local producers’ market. It ‘an appointment that I try  never to miss, I love going there early, to choose the best vegetables, the most colourful fruit … and also because I like to waste a little time telling and listening to recipes …. It is a outdoor living room of oral recipes …

And today I found, I must say very unexpectedly, a wild salad that brought me back to the memories of when my mother went to pick it up in the meadows …

When I bought it the first impulse was the affection and the memory it brought, without thinking about how to serve and prepare it at home, so when I arrived in the kitchen and I started to clean it I said to myself: I want to do something good and beautiful! !!!!! I must confess that while I was preparing the salad I cried a bit in memory of my mother who passed away a short time ago, but c’est la vie !!!!!! And maybe thanks to the love with which I prepared it the result was excellent.

I also prepared this salad during the reality show in which I participated, “A Celebrity Taste of Italy”, for Channel 5.

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